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About Cedar Point Park Association

For more information on the history of Cedar Point Park Association 

download the 45 page (b&w) booklet published for our 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2000.

IMG_1260 CPPA History.jpg

The Cedar Point Park Association came into existence in 1925. It's founders wanted to create a real estate subdivision out of our beautiful surroundings where property owners could enjoy restful recreation with a maximum of privacy. They planned to set up and maintain the highest possible standards for future property improvements; park and waterfront facilities guaranteeing every member the privilege of enjoying our lake front. Also, an association - owned system of roads assures privacy for the entire subdivision. 


Today Cedar Point Park is one of the largest most beautiful subdivision on Geneva Lake. Taking advantage of the natural geography of the land, its developer created 8 beautiful parkways along 1800 feet of shoreline (20 acres). The community (consisting of 481 lots) shares these parkways and all have easy access to the lakefront, swimming and piers. 


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