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Here's What's Happening in Cedar Point Park (10/24/21)

M A R K   Y O U R  

C A L E N D A R 


All ramps and hoists out of water, all watercraft removed from kayak racks.


CPPA Board Meeting via ZOOM @ 8:30am. Contact the association office if you have an issue to bring before the board. CPPA Office 262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org

 S A F E T Y  C O N C E R N S 


Dogs must be leashed in parkways and on the shore path. No pets are allowed on piers.


Clean up your pets waste and dispose of properly. 

According to the The Village of Williams Bay Ordinance


(10) RESTRICTIONS ON KEEPING OF DOGS. No person shall own, harbor or keep any dog which:

  • (a) is off the premises of its owner without being securely fastened to a leash held and under control of its owner or his agent.

  • (b) is Habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person or persons.

  • (c) Kills any domestic animal

  • (d) Assaults or attacks any person.

  • (e) An owner must have in their possession a scoop, bag or other device designs to pick up and remove animal waste from public or private property (other than property of the owner).



Cedar Point Park Neighbors PLEASE SLOW DOWN 25mph speed limit


Cedar Point neighbors, PLEASE SLOW DOWN when driving through our neighborhood. The speed limit is 25mph on Cedar Point Dr. and

20 mph on all the interior street of our association. Our community is bustling with activity; walkers, bicyclists, and families heading to the lake with children excited to get to the pier for a swim. Kindly keep your speed at 25mph and and below and lets all have a long anticipated happy and healthy summer! PS please share this info with your teen drivers and contractors. 








10/5/21 - The Village of Williams Bay provides leaf collection via a vacuuming process in April and November.


The Village routinely collects leaves at weekly intervals, therefore, calls to schedule this service is not needed.

  • Place leaves by the roadside in a long row rather than a big pile.

  • No bags.

  • No ashes 

  • Absolutely no branches. To get rid of branches and sticks, please use the Williams Bay Brush Chipping program. 

  • Leaves on private driveways or alleys will not be collected.


10/5/21 - The Village of Williams Bay Brush Chipping Program


The Village will chip brush and sticks on Tuesdays (weather permitting) throughout the year. Please arrange for this service by calling (262) 245-2700 ext. 9 and leave your name, address and phone number when prompted. 

  • Calls made by noon on Mondays will be scheduled for chipping on Tuesday.

  • Place brush and sticks by the roadside with cut ends facing the road.

  • Sticks with a diameter of 6" or less are an acceptable size for shipping.

  • Christmas Trees are accepted at the curb in January. No phone call needed.

  • There is no charge if chipping takes 10 minutes or less.

  • There is a $2.50 per minute charge for each minute after 10 minutes.

  • Brush and sticks left by at the road without scheduling will not be chipped.

10/5/21 - CPPA Board Meeting Minutes for September Added to Member Portal > Meeting Minutes

9/22/21 - Interested in Cedar Point Park History? 75 Years on Geneva Lake: A History of Cedar Point Park 1925 - 2000 PDF

For new members of CPP Association curious about our history and those old members who may have misplaced their copy, a PDF of the 75th Anniversary Publication can be found on the "About CPPA" page (45 page document scanned in grayscale).


All ramps, hoist and watercraft must be out of the water (including watercraft on kayak racks).

IMG_1260 CPPA History.jpg
Holiday Pumpkins

CPPA Golf Cart Application for members with Disabilities

Any Cedar Point Association member who is certified by an authorized health care specialist as having a disability, and has been authorized for disability parking can apply for golf cart access to CPPA parkways. The CPPA Golf Cart Application can be found in the MEMBER PORTAL > CPPA Handbook & Forms.

Note: If you have news you would like to share with your Cedar Point Park neighbors and would like to see it posted here. Contact the website administrator Deborah Kristmann at dkris60@yahoo.com.

Cedar Point Park Association

262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org. 

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