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Here's What's Happening in Cedar Point Park (7/28/2021)

M A R K   Y O U R  

C A L E N D A R 


August CPPA Meeting will take place August 7 via ZOOM 8:30am - Contact the board via email or phone for details to attend the meeting virtually. 262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org



Music in the Park featuring D'lite Duo @ 6:30pm August 8 Parkway 4 @ 6:30 pm 


All Boat Registration and Lease Forms Due with Fees 2021-2022 Season


All boats out of slips and hoists, all boats off buoys, BUOYS TO BE LEFT IN WATER


All ramps and hoists out of water, all watercraft removed from kayak racks.

 S A F E T Y  C O N C E R N S 

Boaters Please Use an Immense Amount of Caution When Approaching Piers to Pick Up Passengers


It is "high season" here in our community, the lake is very busy; boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming etc. Boaters, please use an abundance of caution when approaching piers and swim areas to pick up passengers. Likewise, swimmers and swimming activities should be limited to the designated roped off swim areas at our association piers. Swimmers outside the roped off area risk not being seen by incoming boats!

Did you know: As a general rule, rowboats, sailing vessels, kayaks paddle boards and canoes have the right-of-way over power-driven boats. 


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Dogs must be leashed in parkways and on the shore path. No pets are allowed on piers.


Clean up your pets waste and dispose of properly. 

According to the The Village of Williams Bay Ordinance


(10) RESTRICTIONS ON KEEPING OF DOGS. No person shall own, harbor or keep any dog which:

  • (a) is off the premises of its owner without being securely fastened to a leash held and under control of its owner or his agent.

  • (b) is Habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person or persons.

  • (c) Kills any domestic animal

  • (d) Assaults or attacks any person.

  • (e) An owner must have in their possession a scoop, bag or other device designs to pick up and remove animal waste from public or private property (other than property of the owner).



Cedar Point Park Neighbors PLEASE SLOW DOWN 25mph speed limit


Cedar Point neighbors, PLEASE SLOW DOWN when driving through our neighborhood. The speed limit is 25mph on Cedar Point Dr. and

20 mph on all the interior street of our association. Our community is bustling with activity; walkers, bicyclists, and families heading to the lake with children excited to get to the pier for a swim. Kindly keep your speed at 25mph and and below and lets all have a long anticipated happy and healthy summer! PS please share this info with your teen drivers and contractors. 

7/28/21 - Crosswalk Installation at Cedar Point Dr. and

Rogers Parkway


The Village of Williams Bay just installed the new crosswalk and signage at the intersection of Cedar Point Dr. and Rogers Parkway. While the crosswalk is meant to increase pedestrian safety, this is a new feature on Cedar Point Dr. and it will take some time for local motor vehicle drivers to become familiar with it.

REMEMBER, while motorists need to be vigilant of pedestrians, pedestrians need to be vigilant of motorists. Although motorists have more responsibility under the law when operating a motor vehicle on city streets, pedestrians have more at stake!

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Always look left, right, and left again BEFORE crossing a street, and keep watching as you cross. Be aware that drivers have differing levels of eyesight and skill in operating motor vehicles.

  • Pedestrians should be especially careful at intersections where drivers may fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians while turning onto another street.

  • Make eye contact with the driver and make sure you are seen.

  • Walk defensively and be ready for unexpected events.

  • Watch out for parked vehicles or other obstructions that may block a driver from seeing you.

  • Adults should supervise children when crossing streets. Smaller children may be difficult for drivers to see and young children may not be able to judge whether it is safe to cross a street.

7/23/21 - Updated Marine Calendar & Marine Regulations PDF


New Marine Calendar for the remainder of 2021 and 2022 calendar year, as well as updated Marine Regulations posted in Member Portal > Marine List. 

7/14/21 - New Parkway Signage

New parkway signage has been added to the columns at the top of each Cedar Point Parkway. Each sign identifies the parkway access as being part of Cedar Point Park's private community, the parkway number and coinciding pier number. The signs look terrific and like they were always meant to be there.


7/14/21 - GLAS (Geneva Lake Astrophysics and STEAM) are interested in Educating the Geneva Lake community about the growing problem of light pollution in Walworth County. 

GLAS developed a simple survey to gauge the public knowledge of light pollution so that they can orient their outreach efforts to best fit the community. Your input would be greatly appreciated!


You can find GLAS educational information on our Cedar Point Park Association website under the tab FYI > GLAS Light Pollution

7/5/21 - A Great Time Had by All at Music in the Park -

Big Al Wenzel 


Music in the Park
Music in the Park


CPPA Golf Cart Application for members with Disabilities

Any Cedar Point Association member who is certified by an authorized health care specialist as having a disability, and has been authorized for disability parking can apply for golf cart access to CPPA parkways. The CPPA Golf Cart Application can be found in the MEMBER PORTAL > CPPA Handbook & Forms.

Note: If you have news you would like to share with your Cedar Point Park neighbors and would like to see it posted here. Contact the website administrator Deborah Kristmann at dkris60@yahoo.com.

Cedar Point Park Association

262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org. 

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