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Here's What's Happening in Cedar Point Park (3/24/21)

M A R K   Y O U R  

C A L E N D A R 



Next CPPA Board Meeting via ZOOM 8:30am - Contact the board via email or phone for details to attend the meeting virtually. 262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org

3/29/2021 FYI, Village of Williams Bay Yard Waste Program


Brush Chipping 

The Village will chip brush and sticks on Tuesdays (weather permitting) throughout the year. Please arrange for this service by calling (262) 245-2700 ext 9 and leave a name, address and phone number when prompted.


-Calls made by noon on Monday will be scheduled for chipping on Tuesday.

-Place brush and sticks by the roadside with cut ends facing the road.

-Sticks with a diameter of 6" or less are an acceptable size for chipping.

-Christmas Trees are accepted in January.

-There is no charge if chipping takes 10 minutes or less.

-There is a $2.50 per minute charge for each minute after 10.

-Brush and sticks left by the road without scheduling will not be chipped.

-For Improved Single Family Residential Properties Only

Leaf Collection Program

The Village will collect leaves via a vacuuming process in April and November. The Village will routinely collect leaves at weekly intervals, therefore, calls to schedule this service are not needed.


-Place leaves by the roadside in a long row rather than a big pile.

-No bags.

-No ashes (burned leaves will not be vacuumed).

-Absolutely no branches. To get rid of branches and sticks, please use the Brush Chipping program.

-Leaves on private driveways or alleys will not be collected.

-For Improved Single Family Residential Properties Only

Yard Waste

Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, brush, sticks and other natural material can be brought to Williams Bay Street Department located at 230 Williams Street. Drop off yard waste in the concrete bin.


3/24/2021 - CPPA Meeting on Saturday 4/3/21 @ 8:30am via ZOOM

Contact the board via email or phone for details on how to attend the meeting virtually. 262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org.


3/24/2021 - Signs of Spring are popping up though out Cedar Point Park Birds are singing, daffodils emerging and private piers are being installed. Association piers, ramps and buoys are sure to follow! 

11/11/2020 CPP Memorial Benches 

Cedar Point Park Association is now offering members an opportunity to purchase and donate memorial benches to its parkways. Cost is $1,100 and includes a custom engraved metal plaque mounted to the bench.


  • Contoured seat and backrest

  • Top-grade recycled plastic slats

  • Cast aluminum frame, powder-coated black

  • UV and moisture resistant

  • 6' Length


Contact Cedar Point Park Association to place your order.



Donate a Parkway Tree

As part of our ongoing Reforestation effort, members have the opportunity to purchase a memorial hardwood tree. Cost is approximately $1,200. Please contact Tom Lothian 262-245-5901.


CPPA Ladies Coffee

Cedar Point ladies meet once a month for a social gathering at our neighbors’ homes.  Anyone who would be interested in joining in the fun, should contact Sue Vandenbroucke at rs.van@charter.net or by calling 262-245-6107. 

Note: If you have news you would like to share with your Cedar Point Park neighbors and would like to see it posted here. Contact the website administrator Deborah Kristmann at dkris60@yahoo.com.

Cedar Point Park Association

262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org. 

4/19/2021 Communal Kayak Rack - ID Your Kayak

For those with kayaks on communal racks in each parkway, the CPP Association now requires that your last name be printed clearly on your kayak (clearly visible when your kayak is on the rack). Kayak space on those racks are allocated to specific individuals, ID'ing your kayak in this way will eliminate any confusion as to who's kayak is where. 

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