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Here's What's Happening in Cedar Point Park (9/21/22)

R E M I N D E R 



CPPA Assessment Past Due, first penalty date was September 1st - second penalty date is October 1st.



CPPA Board Meeting via ZOOM. If you have business to bring before the board or would like to monitor the meeting please contact the CPPA office office@cedarpointpark.org



All boats and hoists out of slips

All boats off buoys (buoys to be left in water)


All Ramps and hoist out of the water

All watercraft removed from Kayak racks

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 6.01.38 PM.png

9/21/22 - The Park 3 swim pier will be closed for the season, and unavailable for use starting Monday, September 26th as we begin the swim pier replacement project. Ramps, lifts and boats on buoys in that area can remain, but need to be out no later than October 17th.

9/17/2022 CPPA Road Resurfacing Projects Starting!

Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 11.01.02 AM.png

9/17/2022 - New Page Added, "Vintage Cedar Point Park Stories & Images" - Located under About CPPA Tab

A place to share stories and images of Cedar Point Parks rich history!

Parkway 4 panarama 1920s.jpg

Early photo of parkway 4 looking northwest toward downtown Williams Bay. 

8/25/2022 CPPA Assessment Due August 31st - Don't be late penalties incurred starting September 1st!

CPPA Neighbors




We have lots of families with children crossing our roads to get to the lake front. We must all be vigilant about our speed throughout our association . . .  PLEASE SLOW DOWN! The speed limit is 25mph on Cedar Point Dr. and

20 mph on all the interior street of our association. 

8/25/2022 - Missing Paddle Boards Parkway 4 - All CPPA neighbors that have ramps, kayak racks or boat rack spots - please be aware that three paddle boards have gone missing from the park 4 kayak rack and wooden boat rack.  We believe this occurred sometime in the first two weeks of August.  One of them was locked, the other two were not locked but tied down.  We strongly encourage all to have your names on your items, lock whatever is placed on these marine facilities and check them from time to time that they are still secure.  Please let CPPA know if you are aware of these missing paddle boards or see anything suspicious.

Note: If you have news you would like to share with your Cedar Point Park neighbors and would like to see it posted here. Contact the website administrator Deborah Kristmann at dkris60@yahoo.com.

Cedar Point Park Association

262-245-5996 or office@cedarpointpark.org. 

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